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Catering Academy

Campaign | Illustration 

Catering Academy approached Logo Paul, to implement a change in kids attitudes towards fruit and vegetables.


After our initial meeting it was decided that we needed something that would engage the kids on another level. The aim was to promote seasonal fruit and veg in a fun way to try and get the kids eating more fruit and veg at meal times.

The final creative went down the route of dressing fruit and veg up as characters from movies to really engage the kids into what we were trying to educate them in.


It was a fun and vibrant campaign that was a huge success for Catering Academy and after an initial launch it was successfully implemented across their nationwide sites.

It was an absolute pleasure working to try and change attitudes towards fruit and veg in schools.


It was a very successful project and one that was real fun to pull together. After an initial look and feel I was pleased to work with the Catering Academy team rolling out new posters each month.

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