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CCR Forming

Logo | Identity | Web design

Craig at CCR approached Logo Paul, to rebrand the company to embrace the change that was happening within their business.


After our initial meeting it was clear that the business was heading in a new direction and it needed a clear focus on who they were and what they did.


The first step was to create a new logo and identity. Getting across what CCR did was the main focus of the new identity. The custom type for the CCR logo was heavily inspired by the metal machinery used to form the metal within their Tipton factory. Simplifying the strap-line to focus on what they have done for over 40 years had a massive impact on the business with new potential customers. Clear and effective communication.


Keeping a fresh, professional and consistent look to the brand was key to the identity being a success. Whether that be a letterhead, brochure, photography or signage CCR needed a clear identity. Logo Paul produced the new identity that ran through from a new logo, to a stationary set, new product photography and a brand new website launched in December 2021.


The brand was designed to have a more professional and consistent look. From the recent new factory signage, to tradeshow brochures, new product photography and a brand new website launched in December 2021.

Since going live with the project in the back end of 2021, CCR Forming have had some major break throughs into new industries and contracts. I am looking forward to seeing where the business goes during 2022. 


This was a really interesting project to be involved with. Craig and the team at CCR have such knowledge of the industry and it was great deep diving into that knowledge before starting the project. As we got deeper into the project, what initially a logo project quite rightly turned into a branding and identity project. CCR are already reaping the benefits collecting some new accounts since launching in early December.

Web: CCR Forming

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