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Commando Dad

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Neil approached Logo Paul, to implement a celebratory path to commemorate 10 years of Commando dad.


A repeat customer for Logo Paul. 10 years of mission fatherhood is quite the achievement. Neil and ex Royal Engineer Commando, created his brand as back up support his award winning books, and to enable me – and other dads – to share tips and advice. Supporting each other through the the early stages of fatherhood.

His books have gone on to much acclaim and it was a real privilege to have a small involvement with his 10 year anniversary.

Website: Commando Dad

It was fantastic working with Neil aka Commando Dad on his 10 year anniversary.


Neil always approaches every project with 110% enthusiasm for his brand. Rightly so it's a massive achievement for this Commando Dad over the last 10 years. I have a couple of Neil's books and they are a great read for any dad - his cooking book is a personal favourite in our house.

Web: Commando Dad

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