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Award winning campaign

Lucy approached Logo Paul, to implement a
massive shift in the culture and behaviour of their staff at their Burton brewery.


Energy consumption is tricky to tackle across a 14 hectacre brewery site. However, the senior team at Marston's knew their people could do more by taking responsibility and making some small changes to the way they work but they needed to get everyone on board. The team at Burton collated some eye watering stats that I witnessed first hand on my initial brewery tour. Taps were being left on, hose pipes left on for days and lights not turned off after the shifts. 

The overall objectives for the campaign was to help reduce energy consumption by 20% in 5 years (saving approximately £410,000). To change our people's habits for good and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions. 

It was clear that the messaging needed to be on a level with the staff on the shop floor. The creative needed to be relatable and it was clear to me that everyone at the brewery had the right tools for the job, a hand. No special equipment was needed to implement these changes. Simply switch the light or tap off when you are done. I wanted the messaging to be bold and hard hitting. 

You're the right tool for the job.

Task was simple to create an attention-grabbing campaign for a hard-to-reach audience. You're the right tool for the job puts ownership in our people’s hands right from the outset, which makes the most of our ‘people power’ at the brewery. It’s bold, grabs attention and spans across the entire site. The idea is that if everyone does their bit, it’ll make a big difference collectively to the environment and the amount of money Marston's spends on energy.

My approach was simple, show the staff how much waste was happening and why that was a problem. This was achieved by producing something that was relatable - turning facts into an equivalent to pints down your local. Daily water bills costs of £733 not that relatable to the person on the shop floor but if you put that into context of thats equivalent to 244 pints of beer down the local it's relatable to every person on the shop floor.

For the campaign we mixed print, digital and face-to-face briefing materials to meet the needs of our diverse audience. Importantly, these materials also cover everything from instant reminders at the source, to raising general awareness and longer-term progress updates. The materials included: guides, posters and daily reminders. Being a brewery they get through plenty of beer barrels each day we explored printing directly onto the barrels so messaging really stood out. Old beer barrels, painted in campaign colours and featuring big stats, made use of everyday items around the brewery.

Photography rights: Marston's PLC

I am extremely proud of this project. It was a huge success internally and externally. So much so the campaign won an Institute of Internal Communication Award for best change / transformation communication but more importantly staff engagement with the project was significant, it really started the ball rolling for change within the business.


It was fantastically led campaign and put the attention on the staff to change their behaviours and more importantly save Marston's a lot of money. In the first 2 months there had been a significant reduction in the energy the brewery was wasting. An average decrease of electrictiy 1,016.66.09 kWh per day. They also saw a massive water reduction of 9.08 m3 per day (approximately 9,000 litres). To put that into perspective, a single day’s reduction is enough water to fill almost 16,000 pint glasses!It was a fantastic start and some huge progress.

Energy champions were nominated in each team to help spread the word and to make reporting faults like dripping taps easier. And we’re planning to promote best practice case studies from the brewery in our Group-wide communication channels, too – it’s great recognition for the team and will encourage others across Marston’s to follow in their footsteps.

The campaign and initial stats were shared at a recent utility meeting, which involved site leaders from across our five other breweries. Encouragingly, the team at Banks’s Brewery in Wolverhampton (our second largest brewery) is really keen to launch the campaign.

Project lead Ashley, Burton Brewery :

“You’ve spiced it up and brought it to our level with stats we can understand – it’s not too technical because it pulls out things everyone relates to.”

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