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Logo Design

A logo is the face of your business. What impression do you want to give new and existing customers? My passion is giving you the best possible face for your business. 


A strong, bold and memorable logo mark for your business will not only attract the right customers to your brand but will also help customers engage with your company story and connect with your brand.

A logo is not a brand—it’s a mark that identifies the brand. While the logo is a very important part of the brand, it is not a representation of the brand as a whole. Its sole purpose is to identify, not explain.


I create bold logo marks that instantly adds value and focus to your brand. I can bring your brand story to life and instantly give you stand out within your market.


I add value to your brand and create an instantly recognisable brand.

Your logo is the first impression of your brand. It should have impact but at the same time provide trust to any potential new customers.

In an ever-expanding digital world, your logo needs to be as fluid as possible. Flexible in its approach to work well across digital and printed material.  I collaborate with you to create your new logo, one you are proud of and that represents your company. I will do my research and will create concepts and options based on you and your business needs. Your logo design needs to hit the mark with your target audience.

My Process

Logo Process-01.jpg

Your logo is arguably one of the most critical pieces of a visual identity.


It’s the mark that becomes a recognisable, identifiable and memorable piece of a brand. Therefore, it’s got to be memorable and true to the brand’s overall identity.

I have perfected my logo process over time. Below is how I work, its works for me in creating a truly memorable and bold logo mark. I work very collaboratively so I keep you in the loop every step of the way while creating your new logo mark.

Step 1. An initial chat.

The initial chat is all about your chance to discuss your business and requirements for your project. I will listen to your needs and make my suggestions for the project. I will then send you a detailed quote and call to discuss - once approved I always take a deposit (50% up front, to confirm your booking in my studio) before starting the discovery stage of the process.


Step 2. Discover

The discovery stage is where I deep dive into your business, what makes you unique and your industry. This stage is to gather a greeter  knowledge of you and your business - this can come in the form of further meetings with you or remotely.


Step 3. Concepts

Once I have the low down of you and your business it's time to start thinking about concepts. This is where I am strategising the best solutions for your business.

Step 4. Sketch

This is the fun and exciting stage. I typically use sketch books to sketch and visualise my concepts. This allows me to be free with my ideas without the restrictions that digital sometimes offers.


Step 5. Digitalise

The next stage of the process is to digitalise the sketch work. I will typically photograph my sketches and take them into illustrator or do some trace work over the top of sketches using the iPad Pro. This gives you a clear idea if the logo is going to be a good fit for your business.


Step 6. Refine

After I digitalise the sketch work, I will typically print the new logo options out. Typically around 4-5 options. I will pin them up on the walls of my office - and spend a day or so taking them in. Writing / refining directly onto the printed sheets before heading back to the mac to digitally refine them.


Step 7. Present

Typically I will present 2-3 logo options for you to look at. I put together a brand presenter which you will see your new logo in different scenarios of print and digital applications. This is either presented to you face to face, through zoom or via email.


Step 8. Refine

After the initial presentation I leave the new logo concepts with you for a day or so. To take everything in - this is a huge step for your business so the right approach needs careful thought. I will then follow up with a call or face to face meeting to discuss your new logo. In an open discussion an option is decided on at this stage. I then take your feedback and refine your final logo option.


Step 9. Launch

Before all systems launch, the final invoice is payed in full. Your final logo files are then packaged up and emailed to you (Original Ai files, Print: Hi Res JPG and Digital: PNG.)

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