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Marston's Behavioural Framework

Digital Video | Branding | Illustration | Art Direction

Steven approached Logo Paul, to bring to life their new Behavioural Framework.

After our initial meeting, Logo Paul created a digital brand through to digital content. The campaign would take on the feel of creating our future. A huge amount of materials were included with this project from hand drawn pubs through to animations. All with the aim of connecting and keeping the conversation going within the business.

Regardless of what is thrown at Marston's, the staff can all stay together. No one can control what happens but they can control how they behave / how they show up at work and how they work together. So the main aim of this campaign was to stay together and united to create pubs to be proud of. It was a journey they had started internally and Marston's wanted to get each employee on board for the ride. This was a successful campaign that aimed at helping each employee develop and grown their careers. 

The campaign started off with a teaser for what was coming. The approach. was a storyboard campaign, to suggest everyone is in this together. We are creating our future together. The campaign then moved onto three individual videos going deep into what each behaviour meant to each individual which was key to the success of the campaign.

Photography rights: Marston's PLC

Collaborating with Steven and the team at Marston's was key to the success of this campaign. The team had great knowledge of what was required and tapping into that great the campaign huge success.


This was a fantastic piece of content that worked across the business to reach over 13,000 employees. It was engaging and was successful in keeping the conversation going on the subject. It was important that the campaign hit the business but continued to reinforce their message across the business. 

Web: Marston's PLC

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