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Marston's PLC

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Vicky approached Logo Paul, to design a new professional, modern and fresh identity for the Marston's Brand.


After an initial briefing session, Vicky wanted to modernise the Marston's brand mark. After extensive meetings with the communications team at Marston's we decided to go down the route of a brand evolution rather than revolution. Keeping the core principles that make Marston's such a great business, locally and nationally.

The current logo didn't serve it's purpose in the modern digital world. It was dated and was hard to adapt for social media and digital use. It needed to be more responsive for the modern world. 

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Through factors out of our control, this project unfortunately didn't go any further than the first round of approvals but it was a dream job creating a new identity for such a prominent business within Wolverhampton.

Marston's is such an iconic brand with lots of heritage surrounding it, quite rightly we didn't want to lose that, but the direction I went in gave it a modern look whilst retaining it's heritage.

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