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Marston's PLC

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Natasha approached Logo Paul, to design a new look to their all new and improved Marston's sharesave scheme.


After our initial meeting, it was clear they needed some creative direction that was bold, striking and that would give the re-launch of the scheme standout within the business. The task would include digital elements, logo design, illustration and some headline hooks. 

The creative concept worked through looking at flexible saving options. Priscilla as she was come to be known by, was the flexible pig offering easy and flexible saving options for your future. This created the hook for the whole campaign that ran from digital to print.

It was fantastic working with Natasha on this very important scheme for Marston's as a business.


It was a project that needed a concept and give stand out within the internal communications at Marston's. The campaign was really fun and engaging for the staff and proved to be successful in initiating lots of interest in the scheme for the year ahead.

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