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MIFA 2020

Sports Illustration
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Project aims

Football is a massive passion of mine. Taking part in Dave Will's MIFA 2020 was huge this season. Dave put together the project during the COVID-19 pandemic, football has been postponed and one of the many consequences of this is that the charity “Fans Supporting Foodbanks” are suffering. They collect food outside football stadiums on matchdays, with the initiative starting at Anfield and Goodison but now spreading further afield to other football clubs. They estimate that they raise between £5,000 to £10,000 per matchday, so with games currently suspended they have a huge shortfall to make up over the next few months.

Over 200 artists, illustrators and designers took part, each one illustrating one or two stickers missing from the book. The project was named MIFA: Missing in (the) Football Album. 


Eager to get involved

This was a tremendous project to be involved with and raised a huge amount of money for a very good cause. Well done to all involved, Dave managed to raise over £3,200 for Fans Supporting Foodbanks.


An amazing project put together by Dave Will, please do check it out over at

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