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Northampton Town FC Community Trust


Phill approached Logo Paul, to design a new professional, modern and fresh work book for their virtual pan-disability football course.


After an initial briefing session, Phill wanted a workbook that connected and engaged the kids at home during the lockdown in early 2020. The kids would use this workbook to follow the course online. It could include drills, challenges, activities and skills. Connecting local communities and improving lives.

This all inclusive course would offer children in the community a much needed distraction from what was going on in the world around them. They would learn and develop key football skills through fun practical activities and exciting daily challenges. There were also fun quizzes, puzzles and mind-boggling trivia to not only get their brains thinking but also develop their football skills as well as keeping them active.

Imagery: Northampton Town FC Community Trust

It was such an honour to have a small involvement in creating something the local children engaged with and go a small way to distracting them during lockdown in the UK. It connected the local community in and around Northampton, in a time when it was much needed. 

Well done to everyone involved with this project. The work the Northampton Town FC Community Trust do is absolutely invaluable within the local community, especially during these times of the pandemic.

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