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Vicky approached Logo Paul, to implement a revolution of the communications within the core of the business.


The UK’s leading breakdown service provider are on a journey to becoming number 1 for driving services in the UK. This campaign was aimed at disrupting the status quo of the core communications. The aim was to transform the way people communicate within the business. Introducing Workplace to the workforce and provide everyone with the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate. 

A bold direction. There was a need within the business to evolve the way the business communicated. There was a need for a campaign that got everyone on board but also cut through the noise within the business. The revolution is coming, unite and rise.

Website: RAC

It was an absolute pleasure working with Vicky a real honour to produce a revolution that will shape the way the business will function going forward.


Vicky and the team were fantastic in taking everything on board. The campaign launch was a huge success and I am interested to hear how the business will change from the core in the months to come.

Web: RAC

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