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RAC Workplace Revolution

Digital Video | Branding 

Vicky approached Logo Paul, to produce a campaign to promote the Digital Revolution within the core of the business.


After our initial meeting, Logo Paul created a digital brand through to all the digital content. This would create engaging content for the RAC. The aim was to revolutionise the communication streams within their ever expanding business and create content to keep the business up to date with what was happening right across the whole business.

The aim was to transform the way people work within the business. To introduce Teams and Yammer to the workforce and provide everyone with the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate. With over 13,000 employees the content needed to connect with the core of the business and get people on board. 

Photography rights: RAC

It was an absolute pleasure working regularly with Vicky and the internal communications team at RAC.


This was a fantastic piece of content that worked across the business to reach over 13,000 employees. It was a successful campaign in getting a large chunk of their workforce signed up for the digital revolution and keep them all up to date with all the relevant news as it happened across the business.

Web: RAC

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