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Logo & Branding
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Project aims

To create a modern and bold brand.  


After reviewing their current Logo, I felt needed a strong logo design and branding that works across many formats. The logo design needed to have a clear message and help position the Transferroom as a modern sports brand. It is modern, fast-paced and puts the focus on the room. It all happens in the room. Meetings. Networking. Transfers. Community.


Brand thinking

I wanted to explore a strong story for the brand. To one of a modern Sports brand.

I felt there was a need to keep the brand mark as flexible as possible. So I could bring colour into the brand and bring it to life during applications at events.

Tone of voice

I wanted to create a vibrant environment for the company staff & visitors to see the dominance of this sports brand.


This bold & modern sports brand really connected with its audience and has helped establish the brand as the market leader in the Football Club's communities.

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