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Sedgley Control Systems

Logo | Branding 

Ashley approached Logo Paul, to implement a
re-brand of his family owned industrial automation company.


After our initial meeting and after breaking SCS's existing brand down, I suggested we looked at a logo revolution and totally change the brand. Ashley was on board and very receptive to where we could take the brand. The aim was to create a brand that was bold, industrial but remaining to stay professional.

Ashley was on board with everything and I created a modern logo that was adaptable for various different applications both on and off line. The Sedgley Control Systems brand is bold in its approach but still maintains the essence of the brand. I looked at changing the colour to blue, as I firmly believe it would help your brand. Blue symbolises tech, electrical, futuristic and a modern vibrant brand. Blue will give a strong presence to the brand. 

Client: Sedgley Control Systems 

It was a massive change for Ashley and the Sedgley Control Systems team but they were a brilliant client and took everything on board.


I developed the brand to a new level and Ashley now has a mark that will be bold that will stand the test of time for years to come.

Web: Sedgley Control Systems

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