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Project aims

To create a modern and bold brand for Football's Number 1 Transfer Marketplace. 


After reviewing their current Logo, I felt needed a strong logo design and branding that works across many formats. The logo design needed to have a clear message and help position the Transferroom as a modern sports brand. Aimed at the decision-makers from 550 clubs around the globe. It is modern, fast-paced and puts the focus on the room. It all happens in the room. Meetings. Networking. Transfers. Community.


Brand thinking

I wanted to explore a strong story for the brand. Emphasis on the room. It all happens in the room. You can meet with 550 clubs in one room and discuss transfers in one central place. I made this integral to the brand.

The concept looked at the coming together of two cliubs - meeting together in the room. The circle initially represented the halfway line on a football pitch, both parties meet halfway and equally bring something to the table.

Tone of voice

The tone of the brand was high-end and premium, so it would appeal to directors and the decision-markers at football clubs.


This bold & modern sports brand really connected with its audience and has helped establish the brand as Football's Numbers 1 Transfer Marketplace.

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