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Wandering Wolf

Logo | Illustration | Social Media | Digital

Mark and Craig approached Logo Paul, to design a new identity for their new show.  They wanted a professional and fun brand.


After an initial briefing session, Mark and Craig decided on the idea of the Wandering Wolf for their new Youtube show. Wolverhampton Wanderers had just been in Europe for the first time in 40 odd years. The Wandering Wolf encapsulates where the club is and the journey they are on. The new logo embodies the heritage of this wonderful football club but also gives it that unique identity they wanted. Logo Paul created the identity to provide fun, flexibility and bring consistency to the brand.


During the 20/21 season, Logo Paul was asked to start producing their youtube show. Producing over 40 shows throughout the 20/21 season. Providing regular weekly content giving a fans view of all games, mixed guests, player interviews whilst also interacting with the fan base through their quiz section 'Mark vs The Pack.' This engaging show was well received by the fans and provided them with a place to engage with everything Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Feedback from fans and players to the new show has been extremely positive. It was an absolute dream job working closely with Mark and Craig on this new show and I cannot wait to see where they take the show in the 21/22 season.


Craig and Mark are very passionate about what they do so please do check them out over on their youtube channel

Youtube: Wandering Wolf

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