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Project aims

To create modern and bold graphics for the Wolves Fancast that interacts with the fans on social media.


Brand thinking

I was excited to start working with the Fancast during the 2017/18 season. The idea of the Nuno driver promotion came about to promote the new season. All you need is one killer manager and how the adventure has been ever since. Nuno driving the club forward into unimaginable success. Through to working with David on a new logo and graphics for the European campaign during the 2019/20 season 'Wandering to Gdansk.' 

I am extremely proud to work with the Fancast over a sustained period of time. A couple of creative collaborations with Wolves fan Graeme Newman and Atish Chitrakar on a couple of projects have also added a new dimension to the brand. 


This bold & modern podcast sports brand really connected with its audience and has helped establish the brand as Wolves' number one fan podcast over the last couple of seasons.

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