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Marston's YourVoice

Digital Video | Branding | Internal Comms

Lucy approached Logo Paul, to produce a campaign to promote YourVoice, a new employee survey within Marston's. 


After our initial meeting, Logo Paul created a digital brand through to digital content. This would create engaging content and build up brand awareness of the survey to the Marston's group. The aim was to communicate what was happening within the business and how they were changing their survey process. YourVoice gives each employee a voice. 

After many chats with Lucy in the Comms Team, it was decided that the style should shake things up and be very different to that of the Marston's brand. This was purposely done to cut through the noise and stand out inside the business.

Listening to and understand what each employee feels about being part of Marston's is a massive part of improving and developing the business. Communicating internally to make all employees aware of what direction the business is going in and the part each individual can play is key to the continued success of Marston's.

LogoPaul collaborated with the talented Atish Chitrakar ( to bring YourVoice to life through key animations that communicated and built brand awareness of YourVoice.

Photography rights: Marston's PLC

This project had many different aspects to it - illustration, story boarding, animation and logo design, so it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in.


It was a great piece of content that worked well with what Marston's were trying to achieve with the survey. It was a successful campaign and engagement in the survey was highly encouraging in gaining the feedback they required to take the business to the next level.

Web: Marston's PLC

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