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Logo Paul AKA Paul Maskew


I knew from a young age that a creative career was something I wanted but I wasn't sure how to turn my hobby into a career. My passion grew from always drawing my favourite footballers, boxers, cricketers, musicians and cartoon characters. I knew creativity had to be in my life and feel a great sense of pride today that I do something everyday I am very passionate about and getting paid to do so.


"Starting my freelance life with no regular clients, zero income or future work planned and in a spare room was daunting

but I backed myself to succeed."

My journey

I had just completed my art foundation then University course BUT what next? I had no idea. Art was a great hobby of mine but how do I turn that into a career? My first role as a creative had a big impact on my career - starting a marketing department up from nothing for a successful business was challenging, but a real eye opener that put me in good stead for the future. I then spent the next decade developing my skills in varies design studios. Then life changed - I become a dad and my outlook on life changed. There was no flexibility for a working parent where was I was, so that wasn't working. I wanted to create something for my daughter, that I would be proud of and that would give me the flexibility a working parent needs. I backed myself and my skills and started my journey into self employment, June 2015. I started  work with no regular clients, zero income and in a spare bedroom was daunting but I had plenty of grit between my teeth to succeed. 

I had some fantastic experiences through being a creative but now it was time to create my own journey. Starting out, I wanted to work out what I enjoyed doing. I began freelancing in various different design studios. This gave me to time to think about what I wanted to focus on as a business. What I was passionate about and how I wanted to progress my career. I love logo design and bringing value to a business, so Logo Paul was born. 

I have a huge passion meeting and working with all different types of business, whether you are a one-man-band, small business, or a big corporation. I love working with passionate people and I enter any creative challenge with the same enthusiasm and passion.

"I love everything about logo design - it's
my passion. There is nothing more
about giving a business all the tools it
needs to be the best they can be."

Why work with me?

I love to form relationships with all my clients and become an extension of your team. Working collaboratively with you to ignite your brand after all who knows their brand better than you. Hard work and dedication are my 2 most important values that ignite my brand - and I apply these to my daily work.

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My process

I work closely with you and think of myself as an extension of your marketing team and my passion is adding value to your business through creative thinking. I am massively passionate about design and igniting your brand to be the best it can be. 

I pride myself on getting comfortable with your business through face to face meetings. If I can understand your business better, we can achieve all your objectives, together.

"Creating bold marks with a quirky edge"

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Ready to ignite together?
Let's create something awesome.

I want to be part of your story. I pride myself on seamlessly moulding into your team and igniting your brand together. I am a collaborator, not a my way or the high way designer and treat all projects as if they are a personal project.

Let’s do this.

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